Delivering the Rocky Ring Road

This is a great project for our region that will create local jobs and reduce traffic congestion in Rocky.

Rocky Ring Road:  Construction Starts in 2023

Work is underway on the Rockhampton Ring Road. Crews are currently on site clearing structures and infrastructure in the path of the new road, with major construction set to start in the second half of 2023.

This is a fantastic infrastructure project for CQ and  infrastructure development is a collaborative effort between the Palaszczuk and Albanese Governments and will bring a range of benefits to the Rockhampton region that will create local jobs, support our economy and reduce traffic congestion. It’s being supported by both the Palasczczuk and Albanese governments.

Upon completion, the Rockhampton Ring Road will streamline the flow of traffic in the region, reducing congestion through town. This improved connectivity is expected to have a ripple effect on the local economy, as the faster and more efficient transportation network will attract new businesses, investments, and opportunities to the area.

Local Jobs and Training Opportunities

Importantly, this project will create a significant number of local jobs over the next few years. My priority is to make sure as many of those jobs as possible are filled by locals, and that we’re creating training opportunities to help Central Queenslanders build their careers.

Once completed, the Ring Road will divert heavy vehicles away from Rocky streets, making our roads safer, and reducing travel times for locals.

More than $3b worth of local projects

This is one of more than $3b worth of local CQ infrastructure projects currently being supported by the Palaszczuk Government, alongside Rookwood Weir, the Browne Park redevelopment and local school and hospital upgrades.

I’m proud of that track record of delivery and the work we’ve put in to get this project underway in 2023.

This is going to be great for Rocky!

Rocky Ring Road

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