Rookwood Weir

The Palaszczuk and Albanese governments are delivering this game-changing piece of water infrastructure for CQ.

Rookwood Weir is a fantastic project for our region that will secure our region’s water supply and help drive our local economy into the future.

This 76,000 megalitre project (larger than was initially planned), is being delivered by the Palaszczuk and Albanese governments and will be completed this year.


  1. Enhancing Water Security

One of the main purposes of this project is to improve water security for the region.

With a storage capacity of 76,000 megaliters, the weir provides a reliable and sustainable water supply that supports both local communities and the agricultural sector.

This increased water security will reduce the risk of water scarcity during droughts, protecting the economy from the adverse effects of water shortages.

  1. Boosting Agricultural Production

Rookwood Weir will have a significant impact on agricultural production across Central Queensland.

By increasing the availability of water for irrigation, the weir will enabled the expansion of existing agricultural operations and the establishment of new ones.

This will support increased production of high-value crops such as macadamia nuts, and various fruits and vegetables.

We have an opportunity to be a major food bowl for Australia and Rookwood will help support that vision. 

  1. Supporting local jobs

Rookwood Weir has already created hundreds of local jobs during construction, with CQ businesses and workers given priority wherever possible. 

It will continue to support local jobs for decades to come, especially as it helps to grow our local agricultural sector – and support industries.


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